Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Allen Fly Fishing

So, a few months ago I won a great fly fishing outfit from an Owl Jones original contest (i got lucky, really lucky). In this outfit was a 9' 6wt salt rod from Rise Fishing company, and a beautiful large arbor reel from Allen Fly Co.

I have been pleased with the whole outfit, but a few weeks ago while fishing, I had a problem with the reel. My first thoughts was "oh no! I have screwed up my new reel and im going to have to buy another". I am not very mechanically inclined, but i tried to take the reel apart and "fix" it, but I couldn't get it to work right. Maybe I was too hard on it, maybe there was a flaw in manufacturing. it doesn't really matter now. When I got home from the river I sent an email to my buddy Owl. He advised me to contact Allen fly, but wasn't sure if they could do anything. My mind instantly races to the worst thoughts (im a pessimist). In my line of work, a network administrator, I deal with technology companies all the time, if you have a product fail, customer service is very difficult get them to make things right.

Let me tell you, The moment I spoke with Justin at Allen Fly, he assured my that he would make it right. Justin told me that if the product he sold failed, he would make things right by me, at any cost. I didn't have to provide an explanation of the incident, the purchase time frame, how I acquired his product, or any of the usual painful return procedures. Justin simply told me to send him the reel and he would get it back to me. At this point i am still pessimistic, this is going way too well thus far. I have sent products off for warranty work before to wait months and months for them to be returned.

I boxed up the reel and sent it off the next morning. A few days later I received an email from Justin saying that he received my reel and has began to work on it. Wow! I thought, "really, so soon". My pessimism starts to subside, "this guy is really going to make this right!" about a week later I get home from work and there is a package from Allen Fly, "surely not" I thought. I open the box, and there is a brand spanking new gun metal large arbor Trout 5/7 reel.
My jaw dropped! Justin, you have proven yourself and your company to me.

Justin has a great company, and provides the best customer service I have ever dealt with. I have no doubt that this rising company will do extremely well in the upcoming seasons. This is not my product review of the rod or reel, just a kudos to Allen Fly Co. and the owner Justin.


  1. Justin has always been a great guy! I have ordered hooks from him and I have his green trout reel. Plus I have a ton of his fly boxes. Thumbs up to Allen Fly Fishing and Justin!

  2. I as well order all my fly tying hooks from him. They're great quality hooks at inexpensive/reasonable prices. I'm telling you, they can't beat'em.